The September 22, 2010 vote on Bill C-391 is approaching quickly.
If only a few NDP MPs join the Conservatives, we stand to lose an extremely valuable tool for public safety:
the long gun registry.


At second reading in November 2009, 8 Liberal and 12 NDP MPs supported Bill C-391,
along with every Conservative MP. Since then:

  • Not one Conservatives has indicated any change in their earlier support for C-391, despite publicly clamouring about the "obligation" of MPs to represent their constituents (Hello Quebec Conservatives...).
  • In April, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff decided to impose a party vote against C-391 in support of maintaining registry.
  • Both independent MPs have stated they would support C-391 to abolish the registry.
  • The Bloc remains a solid ally, as always, and will vote in unison against C-391.
  • Mr. Layton reiterated a number of times that he will not whip his party's vote on Bill C-391.
  • Four of the twelve NDP members who voted for C-391 at second reading have announced they would change their vote, and Layton announced "more" to ensure the death of C-391
  • On Monday September 13th, Liberal House leader David McGuinty would not say whether all members of the Liberal caucus would show up for the Sept. 22 vote.

As it stands now, the tally is too close to call.
Nothing should be left to chance.
Predictions of 50% + 1 based on ideal circumstances is just not enough!

ALL NDP votes are crucial.

Please call Jack Layton and other key NDP MPs today.
Tell them that you want them to STOP C-391!
Name Riding Riding Tel Ottawa Tel Email Fax
Hon. Jack Layton Toronto-Danforth, ON 1-416-405-8914 1-613-995-7224 1-416-405-8918
NDP MPs who voted for C-391 at second reading, and who have not announced any change in their intention to vote as of September 15th:
Name Riding Riding Tel Ottawa Tel Email Fax
Niki Ashton Churchill, MB 1-866-669-7770 1-613-992-3018 1-204-677-1339
Dennis Bevington Western Arctic 1-867-873-6995 1-613-992-4587 1-867-920-4233
Nathan Cullen Skeena-Bulk Valley, BC 1-250-877-4140 1-613-993-6654 1-250-877-4141
Bruce Hyer Thund Bay-Sup North, ON 1-807-345-1818 1-613-996-4792 1-807-345-4752
Jim Maloway Elmwood-Transcona, MB 1-204-984-2499 1-613-995-6339 1-204-984-2502
John Rafferty Thund Bay-Rainy River, ON 1-807-623-6000 1-613-992-3061 1-807-623-6001
Peter Stoffer Sackv-Eastern Shore, NS 1-902-861-2311 1-613-995-5822 1-902-861-4620

General mailing address (postage-free) to all: House of Commons, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
Contact information for all MPs can be found at: or 1-800-O-Canada.

You can also thank and congratulate the five NDP MPs who just announced they will change their vote in order to save the registry:
Name Riding Riding Tel Ottawa Tel Email Fax
Charlie Angus Timmins-James Bay, ON 1-705-567-2747 1-613-992-2919 1-705-567-5232
Claude Gravelle
Carol Hughes
Nickel Belt, ON
Algoma-Manitoulin, ON
Glenn Thibeault Sudbury, ON 1-705-673-7107 1-613-996-8962 1-705-673-0944
Malcolm Allen Welland, ON 1-905-788-0988 1-613-995-0988 1-905-788-0071

When you call, remind the MP that:

  1. ALL guns are lethal. We need controls on ALL guns.
  2. Most firearm-related deaths in Canada are cause by rifles or shotguns, which are non restricted firearms.
  3. The Gun Registry is used over 14,000 times per day by police to help them investigate crime, trace lost and stolen guns, prevent the stockpiling of weapons, intervene in cases of domestic disputes, and reduce the risks for suicidal individuals and their families.
  4. The law has worked to reduce firearm death and injury: the number of gun-related deaths has declined by and average of 300 a year.
  5. The cost of the long gun registry comes up to about 12 a year per Canadian citizen (total $4 millions). This is an investment rather than expenditure, given that it save Canadians $400 million a year in health care costs and lost productivity.
  6. All major national police, public safety and crime prevention organizations support the registry, as well as women's organizations that fight domestic violence and suicide prevention experts.

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